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About Me

I am a maker at heart. I piece together different tools and technologies to birth new Promethian creations that bring value, ease and even joy to life.

* say NO to guns 

I have  several years of work  experience with some great companies, peers and mentors. I focus my contributions mainly towards iOS Application Product Stack Development, for IoT Platforms and Devices, and extensive teams. I have been fortunate to be given more responsibilities and opportunities to work on some impressive and important projects assigned by senior developers and management with satisfaction and praises.

I have contributed towards development and projects in various industries , test and maintenince of iOS Products and its peripheral, and counterparts  at varied industries, working with great companies, peers and mentors (Thank you)., in diverse venues of expertise and improving bit by bit working with few great mentors. My experience led me down a path starting as a developer to Subject Management Expert and other critical business decision making.

are in the Mobile Development and varied iOT projects in Automotive, Health, Communication, Education, Parking and a few others.

I have been Subject Matter Expert, and managing Critical responsibilities wonderfully and



automotive, IoT a few great menWith over a decade of work as a sorftware developer and maker working with different aspects of a software engineer.  I specialize as an iOS Developer employed for Lincoln Ford Motor company,  Cue Health, hewlett Packard – DXC and some other great companies. Or working for myself for my very own KreyEZ, LLC. I have found myself developing product spent countless hours, over the span of decade developing – several tools and technologies as requested for various clients and their unique needs

Ford Pass App 2.0

I have worked on the Ford Pass App, adding new features and maintain older ones. As an iOS Developer, I was working with other developers on Apple and Android Teams, mmaintaining and adding to codebase. On a day to  day basis I had to interact with several other team members such as designers, testers and on site testers, to adapt my solutions in the real time.

Within this time I worked on code developement and tests responsible for Command and Control, Maintenance aspect of iOS apps for Ford and Lincoln vehicles through ‘FordPass 2.0’ and ’Lincoln Way 2.0’ (Americas, Europe, Asia, China,Australia). I worked as a part of “Phone As A Key” Feature – using BLE replacing Wireless Key Fob. Ford EV Mach-E iOS app team. Additionally, trained new recruits and provided them with resources. 

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